Monthly Archives for October 2014

Google Modifies Dynamic Remarketing Across All verticals

  Google announced recently that they are starting to roll out dynamic remarketing to all verticals (including flights, hotels, real estate, jobs, classifieds, finance, education and auto). Basically, dynamic remarketing shows site visitors tailored ads that feature the products they viewed previously on the website, and related products they might be interested in. These tailored […]

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Google Launches Custom Affinity Audiences For Display Search

About two years ago, Google launched affinity and in-market audiences, that were designed to help advertisers reach people across the Display Network. Now, Google is rolling out a new feature, custom affinity audiences. This custom feature give advertisers the flexibility to reach an exact audience. Advertisers will be able to define who they want to […]

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Facebook News Feed Updates For More Relevant Ads

  Facebook is working on showing people ads that they’ll find interesting and relevant. Both the advertiser and the user would benefit from a more relevant ad. Facebook recently announced two updates on their news feed that will show people more relevant ads. These updates will focus on why people hide certain ads and conclude […]

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