Online Advertising

In recent years, the Internet is practically the only advertising medium that’s been increasing in volume every year, while all others are shrinking. Online advertising allows you to reach a massive audience for very low costs, and most importantly, it offers measuring, analysis and adjustments that can be implemented immediately. This kind of flexibility allows advertisers to constantly improve their campaign results.

Immediate Results

An effective advertising campaign can lead to a number of desirable outcomes, such as: exposing your brand to a large audience, getting more visitors to your website, getting quality leads, increasing online sales, and more.

Focus and Targeting

In order to reach a targeted audience, you must analyze the traffic sources by geography, language, age, gender, interests, websites visited and daily online activities. There are many ways to advertize online, here are a few common channels:

  • Advertising on search engines (Google)
  • Advertising on social networks (Facebook)
  • Banner advertising
  • Pop-up advertising
  • E-mail advertising


The cost of advertising can be calculated per exposure, per click, per user actions or as a fixed monthly fee. The minimal cost on most ad channels is $100 or less, so it’s recommended to launch a few marketing tests (“pilot”) on different ad networks to quickly discover the most profitable channels.


For your marketing message to be effectively conveyed, you must plan in advance your main marketing strategy and the desirable user response (registration, subscription to newsletter, direct purchase, etc). It’s important to invest in quality content and copywriting, creativity, professional web design, and an overall website that will increase trust, interest and engagement.

Creating and managing an effective online ad campaign takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Many website owners who try to advertise online find themselves losing money very quickly and abandoning the whole internet marketing idea because it’s not profitable for them. This is why we recommend to consult with Internet Marketing experts to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy tailored to your needs.